Coach & Speaker

As a Coach and business Speaker I can provide Internet Consulting and Internet Marketing advice for companies large and small around the globe. No budget is too small or project too large.

Much more than your average coach or motivational speaker, my programs are delivered in a simple, yet effective way that has audiences leaving inspired to greater performance in their personal and professional life.

I provide fast, fun and detailed advice on Internet Strategies for business owners, large and small groups as well as individuals, helping them better understand the fact that with small changes you can gain huge results.

I have worked with companies large and small, helping them understand where social media fits in the marketing plan without wasting time and money.

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  • Internet Basics For Business Success
  • A Simple Guide to Web Marketing
  • Web Project Methodology
  • Using e-Mail to Drive Business Revenue
  • Using Social Media to Grow Revenue


Training people in the skills needed today to bring any business venture to success is of vital importance. Upon request, I will organize workshops designed to get the theory and experience needed by supplying knowledge and resources.

If you need training for your staff, in-house sessions may be scheduled. I focus on each individual and assist them in realizing their full potential.

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Coming soon

Internet Business Training Program

I am developing the Internet Business Training Program for anyone who would like to learn all about Internet marketing and running an online business. This program will cover the 4 pillars of Internet marketing:

  • Market Research
  • Content and Site Development
  • Traffic Generation
  • Sales and Conversions

To run a successful Internet business you must master these 4 pillars of Internet marketing, and you also must understand that each stage is critical. Each pillar builds upon itself and if you miss one of them, your results will be less than adequate.