Creating new Business

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. My Business education along with my passion for computer technology has always allowed me to obtain great results in everything I have done.

This is a list of my entrepreneurial activities.

  • Robert Hatton

CEO/Founder (2011) of RobertHatton.com, a consulting company providing Internet business consulting, training and other activities performed personally. The company was founded for my consulting activities alone and collaborates with netDivision for all development work.

  • netDivision

CEO/Founder (2011) of netDivision, a company that specializes in web project development and handles all aspects from hosting to web marketing. The company has a staff of extremely competent collaborators that bring their vast experience to the table and can handle any type of web project, large or small, and using any technology.

  • Vertico

CEO/Founder (2005) of Vertico, an internet consulting company that provides Internet business consulting and web project management. This has been my personal consulting company before dividing my consulting activities with RobertHatton.com and web development activities with netDivision.

  • WebMultimedia

CEO/Co-Founder (2000) of WebMultimedia, a web development and Internet consulting company. WebMultimedia was originally incorporated in the United States and then moved to Italy to bring the latest web technology mixed with mobile opportunities in the country.

  • PowerMedia

CEO/Founder (1997) of PowerMedia, a company specializing in consulting, website development, multimedia CD-Rom development, and Internet hardware configuration.

  • Digital Studio

CEO/Founder (1994) of Digital Studio, a company specializing in software development, multimedia CD-Roms and Internet websites. This company was the initial launch of my entrepreneurial career.